Being Online: The Good.

The insane growth of the internet and people’s habit of being plugged-in all the time, leads to large amounts of information and easily being about to publish.  This is changing the way we receive and broadcast; I think there is a understanding that can be gained about how to utilize these new

After looking at The Bad & The Ugly, the positives needed to be covered.  Unlike most news which would just keep bashing, I recognize there are many sides to a story and being online has far greater positives than negatives.  Let’s look a a few:

Access to people

When the movie 6 Degrees of Separation came out, it determined that the entire world is only six connections apart.  Although the internet is not always a face to face interaction, its impressive that we have the ability to connect with anyone online, given they are willing to interact.


Watching sports is a great example of this.  Professional Athletes seemed at an extreme distance prior to a few years ago.  Now it is common to be following your favourite athletes every move and even improve your skills because of the information and tips they share.  Heck, there’s even twitter training for them!

The same goes for any celebrity or professional, hearing their opinion without needing mass media to run the story is refreshing.  Unfortunately, we still live in a society of negative mass media; but the internet and some reading apps, allows us to custom filter our news feed.

Monitoring popularity

dashboard google analytics and adsense

Popularity contests are sometimes laughed at because the measure of popularity for goes the actual merits of what is being measured.  However, when it is information, rather than a person, its important to understand the trends and popularity.  Market research can be completed so much quicker.

Take a news publication for example.  If the daily newspaper is only being published and sold as a whole, it might be hard to see everyday what people are actually reading.  When you sit in a waiting room, its apparent that readers don’t usually read all information, but pick certain articles and sections instead.  Using analytics, real time info can determine if the Business Section should have less articles, or if your readers are craving more about Lifestyle and Food.

Real Time information

The newspaper example gives a great example of real time information for feedback, but real time info for the audience is fantastic.

Having “eyes on the scene” has been important for the audience as a measure of authenticity.  With platforms like Twitter, you can have the experts updating as events happen.  One great example of this that I follow is @LakersNation since the Canadian coverage of LA Lakers basketball is average at best.

The best tweets of the NBA Playoffs
The best tweets of the NBA Playoffs

The other great angle is seeing other people’s opinion on the events that have just occurred. It can be hilarious, or simply epic.  Some things are best expressed on twitter.

If we look back to the access to Professional Athletes, above, a great example is the criticism or praise from other professionals for any given play, not just the highlight reel played after the game.  Again, looking at a youth athlete, this could hopefully get them away from the “flashy” and back to the “fundamentals” when practicing.

The negative here is trying to avoiding the live updates; especially if you have a game recording on PVR that you want to watch later.


Forget the editing. Let’s hear it from the source. In full.

before and after
Before and After: Editing can change the meaning of the information

Its incredible how much can be removed from an interview to misrepresent what was said, or to be moulded to fit an angle which the news is trying to capture.  I have had many laughs with a friend who does reality TV editing and agrees with this 100%… after all its ratings they need to generate.

Quality Based

Unlike many of society’s norms, you can become successful online without needing more than the quality of your work.  I can understand this principle as I’ve worked in positions that were commission compensation only.  Although some people don’t like the idea of that, it allows companies to only pay for performance.  The internet is based similarly.


Take responsibility for your work, and you will be recognized as fit.  The volume of impressions (or even monetization) will directly relate to your work and the reaction that it generations.  It’s a positive of social media that something can go “viral” when it is the right place at the right time.  A great example of this is a Capilano College Student who’s school project went viral on Tumblr.


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